Professional Services

Social Media Automation with AI

Re-purposing content for social media distribution with OpenAI's ChatGPT or Anthropic's Claude aligned with each channel. Dynamic cover image creation.

  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium
  • X/Twitter, Telegram, BlueSky, WhatsApp

Multi-lingual websites

Static translations with fully localized URL's, UX, metadata, sitemaps, and internal links. Extremely fast loading for reduced bounce and improved user experience.

  • Scales linearly to any number of languages. No tiers of character limits.
  • Fully localized 100% SEO performance
  • Significant cost savings compared to dynamic translation services

Ghost website hosting

  • CDN accelerated Ghost hosting on own servers.
  • On-boarding & training - introduction to Ghost CMS
  • Day-to-day support: how-do-we, can I do this..

Visitor Analytics

GDPR safe visitor tracking, with option to bypass ad-blockers.
Custom events set-up and on-boarding with video tutorials.

  • Real-time page views with entry and exit page.
  • Device, browser, OS, screen size, country.
  • Outgoing link tracking; downloads, video and audio elements.
  • Event goals with tracking of buttons, forms, etc
  • Campaign tracking with UTM-tags
  • Funnel creation and analysis using custom events.