How do you make the public dialogue stay afloat long enough to have an impact on society?

In the world of psychiatric care, the term Flytkraft holds a significant meaning. Translated from its Norwegian roots, Flytkraft means Buoyancy in English.

This concept has become the driving force behind the efforts of Dr. Markus Dencker, a licensed psychiatrist, to facilitate a much-needed conversation on the state of psychiatric care. Previous attempts to address this critical issue had fallen short, leaving a void that Dr. Dencker was determined to fill.

With a vision to create a platform for meaningful dialogue, he set out to build a "community with a broad scientific knowledge base for healthcare workers and all other stakeholders."

Dr. Dencker built upon the foundation laid by his trilogy, Psyk 22, which delved into the complexities of psychiatric care. This comprehensive work served as a springboard for this endeavor, aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and driving positive change in the field.

On the Ghost site a clickable mind-map served as introduction and overview to visualize the concepts...

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