Key benefits

  • 80% lower monthly costs compared to dynamic translators such as WeGlot or Lokalise. Additional languages and editors at minimal cost
  • SEO Performance - extremely fast page loads with localized metadata & URL's
  • Detailed editorial control by native editors and reviewers.
  • Regional advertising

Published in Italian Spaziocrypto is made available in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Every language is hosted on a separate Ghost instance. Posts are linked across language versions - language can be switched directly in a post.

Using Cloudflare Workers the available localized URL's for a post is retrieved globally at under 200ms.

Screenshot - Spazio URL api

Technologies used

  • Ghost - content management
  • DeepL translate - AI enabled translations
  • - Online databases
  • - Automation
  • Cloudflare Workers - Distributed server-less API