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Online publishing, newsletters, memberships, social media, SEO. With Ghost CMS as your engine we make your content and revenue flow with integrations, automation, and translations.

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Independent publishing

Take control of your publishing and maintain your independence by creating your own brand and platform. 

Distribute your content effortlessly across all available channels and cultivate a loyal following of premium subscribers. 

Say goodbye to reliance on search engine algorithms, embrace content automation. Find your audience and drive revenue.

We expand your reach, attract paying subscribers, and build premium membership features. 

Latest Updates

Stay updated with our latest features and improvements.

New AI IntegrationWe've integrated a new AI system to improve your content.

Our new AI system will analyze your content and suggest improvements to increase your reach and engagement.

Improved Social Media IntegrationWe've made it easier to share your content on social media.

You can now automatically share your content on multiple social media platforms with a single click.

The Ghost advantage

 Seamlessly distribute your content across all available channels and cultivate a loyal following of premium subscribers. 

  • New

    Ethical AI Content Generation

    Create summaries, social media excerpts, translations and outline with AI writing assistants. 

  • Keep 100% of your revenue

    Direct integration with Stripe means you don't have to hand over 10% or more of your revenue to a platform hosting your content.

  • Re-purpose and integrate

     Integrate Ghost with your tools and services to streamline your workflow. 

  • Content Analytics

    Track the performance of your content and make data-driven decisions with GDPR-safe analytics.

  • SEO Optimization

    Industrial grade SEO! Metadata, sitemaps, Social media cards with custom excerpts. And, built with node.js, Ghost delivers incredible PageSpeed ratings. 

  • Hold the keys to your kingdom

    Own your data and your platform, free from any service providers terms & condition or policy whims. 

Success Stories from our clients

See how our clients have benefited from building their business with Ghost.

Urn case1

Ukraine Rebuild Newswire

 In just a month from launch, URN managed to attract 100 subscribers by providing exceptional and exclusive content. Articles are shared on Telegram and LinkedIn, reaching a wide audience, driving subscriber growth. Members sign up for free access to posts, and receive a weekly newsletter. 

Spazio r2 main1

Lightning fast multilingual sites

Multilinugual sites with translation services are slow loading and lack detailed control. For Italian Spaziocrypto content flows between language versions on separate Ghost instances - this increases SEO performance and reduce bounce rates.


Shifting a paradigm in Psychiatry

With a mission to change the way we treat mental health issues, Boyancy / Flytkraft was launched. Weekly blog posts, e-books, a clickable mindmap and a Facebook group drives traffic and signups.   

Independent publishing

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Automate Your Content Flow with Ghost

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about GhostFlow.

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